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What Criteria To Choose A Men Leather Bag?

Leather bags are an accessory that has become extremely important for guys. Each person has their own standards of beauty. However, there are some general criteria that you can refer to choose beautiful men’s leather briefcase.

Men genuine leather briefcase
Men genuine leather briefcase

Made from whole leather

A leather plate has thickness depending on the age of the skin and the species of the leather. The thick skin of the animal is separated into several layers. The top layer is called top – grain about 1 – 1.5mm thick is the best part of the skin.

You can tell that men’s leather is made of real leather by dripping a few drops of water on the skin’s surface. After a few minutes if the skin is real, the water droplets will gradually spread and absorb into the skin. Due to the natural property of the skin is hygroscopic. You can also use your fingers to gently press the surface of the skin if real skin will leave indentations.

The stitching is firm and the edges are carefully polished

The seam of a briefcase partly determines its durability. A good briefcase will be sewn with good quality thread. With high sewing techniques, you will see each button is evenly stretched, tight and very tight. A genuine leather briefcase will have hand-polished edges so that it doesn’t have the roughness of freshly cut leather.


Genuine leather briefcases often have a zipper made of copper because of its high durability. Good zippers will have a snug tooth surface, a smooth and non-rough tooth surface.

Every small detail like nails, stamping locks has a shiny appearance and is finely finished.

Durable, sturdy strap

The strap has the effect of holding and also brings an aesthetic look to the leather briefcase. Straps are usually stitched from multiple layers of stacked leather, stitched with firm edges. It is necessary to observe the wire connecting the tab with the body, if the wire is stitched to the body of the chuck, there must be a piece of leather stacked and many stitches fixed around.

The above 4 criteria are given for you to find a quality leather briefcase. There are also some other criteria depending on your preferences such as style and color. Wish you will find yourself the perfect leather bag to accompany to work, go out …

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