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Ways To Preserve Leather Backpacks You Must Know

Leather backpack is an intimate item that many girls use when going out or going to work, so how do you make it always new. Let’s explore the secrets of effective preservation together!

Real leather has a feature that will look better after a period of use because it looks glossy, smooth and soft. Leather is precious and its protection is not difficult, just remember a few things:

1. The first is washing the leather backpack:

To keep the leather surface always shiny, when washing the leather backpack should limit the use of detergents. Tool to clean the backpack is a small brush or a cloth. After washing is finished, let the backpack dry naturally, do not use any hairdryer or extractor so that the leather skin does not peel off and does not lose the form of the bag.

Washing the leather backpack
Washing the leather backpack

2. The second step is softening the leather backpack:

Regardless of a skin type such as: crocodile skin, cowhide … all need a softening step after washing. You can use clothing softener to soak the backpack because the oil in it will make the skin smoother and softer.

Softening the leather backpack
Softening the leather backpack

3. The third step is polishing the leather backpack:

Another important step is to polish the leather backpack: An extremely easy method is to use shoe polish to polish your leather backpack. This will help the backpack have a natural color like new. However, when buying shoe polish, you need to choose a quality one because if you buy one that contains colorants, it will damage the skin and make it lose its natural color.

You can polishing your leather backpack with shoe polish
You can polishing your leather backpack with shoe polish

Every few months, please maintain and clean the skin backpack. Because no matter how good an object is, it needs to be taken care of and preserved to be durable and beautiful.

If you do not have time to backpack, do not bring it to the laundromat as it could be completely damaged. Instead, go to a professional bag repair and bag wash.

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