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Try to define what is a luxury leather bag?

Do you know what a premium leather bag is? A lot of people are confused about bags made of leather material on the market today.

What are high quality leather handbags?

Unlike the old days, in the present market economy era, leather goods are sold a lot so you don’t know what is genuine leather and what is fake leather. Especially, for fashion followers who are women, it is difficult to distinguish genuine leather and imitation leather, let alone a high-class leather bag.

First of all, it must be clearly understood that high-quality leather bags must be made of 100% genuine leather. It also means that luxury leather handbags are not doped with other leather materials, materials that are not animal skins.

Premium leather bag made of animal skin
Premium leather bag made of animal skin

Premium leather bags are made of animal skin but not direct animal skins that have undergone a process called simply tanning. After this treatment process, the skin will become beautiful shiny, not rotting over time. The lifespan of genuine leather handbags can last from 10 to 20 years.

Features of high-quality leather bags

High quality 100% genuine leather leather bags have outstanding advantages compared to industrial leather bags, imitation leather bags are widely sold in the market. As follows:

– Genuine leather bags usually have a certain gloss, the more they are used, the more shiny and soft. At first, when buying real leather bags, it will be a bit hard, but after a while, it is soft and absolutely not sticky.

High-class genuine leather handbags have a distinctive animal smell. So if you smell a leather bag with a chemical smell, it’s most likely industrial leather.

– Leather handbag when using fingernails or fingers only lightly press on the surface does not scratch and immediately resilient.

– High-grade leather bag gives the user a luxurious, polite, and outstanding appearance. Therefore, often those with fashionable tastes, status, and money will use these high quality leather handbags.

Leather handbags are available in a variety of designs, comfortably tailored to each user’s style.

High quality leather bag durable over time
High quality leather bag durable over time

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