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Top sneakers for active summer


Sneakers are indispensable fashion products in the locker of young people. As the passionate summer is about to come, choose a pair of sneakers that will make you more active in the hot summer. Let’s join TrungSneaker to check out 10 dynamic fashion sneakers in summer color.

Jordan 1 low

Jordan 1 has long been a craze for sneakerheads. With the starting point of basketball shoes, AJ1’s design always shows dynamism, as well as Jordan’s cool street quality 1. Jordan 1 color schemes are always appreciated for style. fashion.


Air Force 1

Air Force 1 has always been Nike’s best-selling product, every year Nike releases a mix, and AF1’s sales are consistently high. That shows the attraction of Air Force 1 is very great, with a dynamic design, versatile can bring to school, play, in the hot and cold season is very good. Air Force is a really worthwhile option.

af-1-atmosphere-grey-510x393 (1)
af-1-atmosphere-grey-510×393 (1)


As a new product line launched in recent years, Falcon is designed according to the trend of modern shoes, which is Chunky trend. The Adidas Falcon is comfortable and suitable for all types when worn in the right size, with the Chunky trendy design that will make you stand out even more with its bold design and color schemes that are not too sun-catching. It gives comfort and coolness when worn.


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