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Tell you how to measure the most standard necklace and necklace size

To buy a jewelry such as necklaces, necklaces, … is not as simple as you think, especially as a gift. In addition to choosing the right models, the right size is also a matter of concern. In this article, you will show you how to measure the most standard necklace and necklace size to make a surprise for a gift for your loved one. With the tips in the article, you can easily shop for jewelry online without having to worry.

I. Guide to measure line size

1. Method 1: Use a tape measure to measure

There should be another necklace / necklace to measure, the most accurate way is to use a necklace / necklace with the same width and design as the one you intend to buy and follow the steps below:

You use a ruler to measure the length of the string.
Once you have the dimensions, compare the cm number with the dimensions shown above
The size of your chain is the size indicated below the line. After you have the length, you just need to compare with the popular PNJ chain sizes below.

Popular necklace / necklace size table PNJ
Popular necklace / necklace size table PNJ

Common size of PNJ wire for silver chains is size 42 and sizes vary from 40 to 42 cm, for gold chains it is size 42 or size 45 and for silver necklaces it is size 42.

In case the size of the rope you measured is not available, PNJ will order it for a maximum of 2 weeks and only apply to gold jewelry.

2. Method 2: Measure manually

In the absence of a reference line, this manual measurement will assist you in size estimation. However, the accuracy of this method is only relative, so you can refer to it to be able to estimate the size.

You use a small piece of paper, wrap around your neck around the ring that you want to wear, then measure the length with a ruler as described in the first method.

Common chain size table
Common chain size table

Compare with the size of the chain above.

In addition to the chain, PNJ also suggests you how to measure the size of the ring, ring, shake, … You can see here and refer more to find yourself the right size when buying jewelry.

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