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Let’s Learn How To Clean White Leather Bags

How to clean white leather bags with stain removal will be simpler if you know how. But it is difficult to clean a white leather handbag without damaging the bag, or affecting the quality of the bag.

Particularly for the tip of cleaning white men’s handbags, the stains that must be stuck to be like cloth bags such as pen stains, cooking oil stains, mold stains … are typical stains. As for leather bags, we can not arbitrarily put them in the washing machine like cloth bags, but there will be tips on cleaning white men’s leather bags separately.

Men white leather bags
Men white leather bags

There are many ways that you can refer everywhere, but we want to show you how to follow the correct procedure, otherwise, error on the product is inevitable in all cases.


– Soft cotton towels, fabrics
– Warm water
– Alcohol
– Vinegar
– Lemon
– Old brush
– Colorless shoe polish

Now, let get started on cleaning men white leather bags.

Step 1:

The first step is to use a prepared cotton towel to wipe through your bag. This step is to remove new dirt from the bag, then dilute the alcohol with warm water, with long stains you can apply a simple white bag cleaning tip like diluting alcohol solution. Dilute with a few drops of soap.

Step 2:

The next step is to use a clean cloth, gently soak in the mixed solution and rub on the stained area until they are cleaned. Note for those who are just trying to clean the white leather bag for the first time that when you wipe the dirt, you should wipe in the direction of the clock dial, with the textured handbag you can wipe down along the bag. Doing this way will help the bag is deeply clean and softer.

For stains on leather bags such as grease stains, food sticking…, you just need to use a soft, soft cotton towel moistened with warm water to remove it. In case the stains stick more tightly, you can use more vinegar or lemon to resolve them. After performing the above steps to clean the white leather bag, you should let the bag dry naturally for 30 minutes instead of using the dryer. The hot air in the dryer will crack the leather surface of the bag and make the bag more susceptible to damage more quickly, in case you are in a hurry, let’s use a fan to speed up the drying of the bag in stead.

Step 3:

The last step in the stain removal process on the white leather handbag is to polish. Use a prepared colorless shoe polish to polish the entire surface of the bag, to be more careful, we would like to introduce you to the tip of cleaning white bags that is using adhesive tape. Very simply, you just need to stick tape on the surface of the skin to deeply examine the veins of the bag, this white male handbag is very effective against the stains caused by chalk or mascara.

Working steps should only be applied to white bags made of plain and glossy leather, not suede.
Wish you success.

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