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Is It Possible To Buy A Genuine Leather Briefcase With Low-Cost?

The answer is yes you guys! However, on the market for men’s leather goods today, poor quality products are widely sold, if you do not master the secrets, it is easy to choose fake, poor quality products. On the contrary, if you have a firm grasp of the principle of choosing a genuine leather bag, you absolutely can buy for yourself a beautiful leather bag at a reasonable price. We will help you choose the right one as follow:

1. Distinguishing leather bags by burning method:

This is the most accurate method of checking men’s leather bags, but it is also not true because after the dyeing process, there is a flame retardant layer – like fabric.

If it is a genuine men’s leather bag, when you burn it, it will burn to ash like a cigarette and you will smell like meat burned.
If it is fake leather (or PU leather), when you burn it, it smells burning plastic because it is a synthetic resin.
However, with this method, consumers cannot try it. So please rely on the warranty of each shop to buy the product.

2. Distinguishing by water:

Just drops a few drops of water on the surface of the skin, if it is a genuine men’s leather bag, you will see the streak of water spread out, seeping into the skin. Because real leather has the ability to absorb moisture, and water drops will roll off the surface of the skin if it is PU leather bag. However, this method only applies to raw leather materials such as waxy leather, suede leather, oily leather… Processed leather can not be applied.

3. Distinguishing by testing the elasticity:

To check genuine men’s leather bags or not, fold the leather pad or press firmly against the surface. If it is genuine leather, it will leave a dent around your thumb. And notice that if you remove your hand, the indentation will slowly disappear, showing the elasticity of the real leather surface. And imitation leather does not have this elasticity, you fold in or press down when you release your hand to return to its original state – Applicable to high-quality genuine leather.

4. Distinguishing by its color

If you are observant, fake leather bags are usually eye-catching colors and come in a variety of colors. In the contrary, genuine leather bags are usually dark brown or black or natural colors.

These 4 things above will help you to buy a genuine leather bag at a reasonable price.

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