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Improve your “quiet feet” experience with new technologies on the Adidas POD S3.1

Along with increasing the breathability of the shoe, Adidas has introduced a step-assist technology that promises to increase smoothness and a more “real” feel, which is the Point of Deflection system 3.1 (POD S3.1). With the sole of the Adidas POD S3.1 splitting, only the sole in contact with the road surface on the forefoot and heel, the base recess is the connecting power transmission part in a distinct lemon yellow color. The nose part is made of EVA material with high elasticity, connected to the smooth boost base and the famous footrest by “bearing bridge” made from TPU plastic material.


This allows the force acting on the two contact parts of the foot to function separately, not as fixed as the seamless base sets, which is a huge plus with this product. The Adidas POD S3.1 release date was announced on the Adidas homepage that at the end of July 2018, shoe fans should be prepared to “win” to get their first pair.

How much to buy Adidas POD S3.1 real at the nanzix Store

The price is still quite acrid for most of your spending like “surfing trend sneaker”. To choose a good alternative and at a more affordable price, you can immediately go to Ruby Store to get this super new sneaker.


You should go to the store to try the Adidas POD S3.1 on feet, which will give the most accurate feeling and help you evaluate the quality of the shoe. In case you are unable to go directly to the “shoehorn”, you can go to Ruby Store’s online channels for advice on correct shoe sizes and models on the shelf.


It should be noted that the Adidas POD S3.1 review is mostly for reference, helping you to find the beauty of the shoe and being prepared financially. For more information about this hot rookie product, please contact Ruby Store for more information. Wish you quickly “hold” the beautiful sneakers of the year.

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