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How To Convert International Standard Shoes Size

Shoes are an important item not just for travel. But also helps protect the feet and beautify the wearer itself, which is an indispensable accessory for both men and women. And to choose the right shoe you need to first understand your foot size. Each foot is suitable for certain shoe size, choosing the right shoe size is not easy.

In addition, shoe size also changes after a period of use. No matter how durable you are, you should buy another pair of shoes when your feet don’t feel as comfortable as before. Beautiful shoes are not only materials, designs, and aesthetics, but they also must fit the wearer’s feet.

How to measure men’s and women’s shoes standard

To choose the right shoe size, you first need to know what the size of your foot is. Usually, many of you already know your foot size when buying shoes directly at shoe shops. But not necessarily know the exact calculation. So, please see the detailed instructions on how to measure the best foot size for both men and women below.

Steps to measure foot size

Step 1: Prepare the foot size measuring device
  • A large white sheet (larger than the foot)
  • A ruler
  • A pen or pencil.
Measure foot size Step 1
Measure foot size Step 1
Step 2: Measure feet
– First, you put the paper on the floor. Then place your feet on the paper, remember to keep your feet steady and do not move.
– Then use a pencil to draw the frame of the foot. Now it is necessary to be very standard to avoid any deviation later. Therefore, you should hold the pencil upright and perpendicular to the paper to draw more accurately
Measure foot size Step 2
Measure foot size Step 2
Step 3: Mark foot length and width
– You use a pencil to draw a line to touch the top points. The bottom and sides of the foot sketch-like image below let us measure the leg length.
Measure foot size Step 3
Measure foot size Step 3
Step 4: Determine the foot length
– You use the ruler to measure the length from below the upper line to the bottom line that you drew. After the measurement is complete, round the number within 0.5 cm to avoid errors when drawing the leg mold. Because your lines are usually a little bit different from the actual leg size.
Women size chart
Women size chart
Men shoe size chart
Men shoe size chart
For those who wear socks, you should add 0.5 – 1 cm before comparing the sizes in the chart.
If your legs are thin and the width is small and narrow, just choose from the size chart above.
If your legs are fat, thick and wide, still choose according to the conversion table above, but add 1 size. Of course, when choosing a larger than 1 size, the toe will be a bit redundant, but it’s okay because the foot structure of each person is different, so depending on the case, we choose a separate shoe size.
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