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Gucci Flashtrek Sneaker has risen to the top in the shoe making race of high fashion brands

Global shoe sales in 2017 increased by 10% and sneaker is currently leading the fashion trend that any brand cannot ignore. Outstanding are the sneakers that cost a thousand dollars but are still out of stock in a moment.

These products have made the success of many high fashion brands. And Gucci was “cunning” by taking that opportunity by introducing Flashtrek sneaker with removable crystals. This segment focused on Millennial and Z generations with designs reminiscent of the lifestyle of the 80s.

The proof is that the Millennials group (customers born in the 80s to mid-90s) are contributing significantly to the company’s revenue. In contrast, sports shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma … are forced to “share” their market with high-end fashion brands like Gucci.


Not only at the sneakerhead, but a series of foreign stars as well as Vietnam compete for themselves a pair of Gucci Flashtrek Sneaker. If Ho Ngoc Ha makes fans “fainted” with the quality of fashion style and class with the main focus of attention is the pair of Flashtrek sneaker with removable crystals of Gucci, Toc Tien is super unique with dress. Feminine and hot trend shoes, form this pit.

Especially, the sneakerhead is still ecstatic when Gucci gives Son Tung MTP a couple at an event in Hong Kong. The level of “promotion” Flashtrek Sneaker also has: Chau Bui, Ly Qui Khanh, Deco … promises to be a model of shoes that will destroy Gucci’s sales this year.


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