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Cute Pop Up Cards to Gift Sister on Christmas 

Do you love sharing unforgettable moments with your beloved sisters? If that is what you want, Christmas is definitely the best time for you to do it. In this post, we will help you make her have a wonderful holiday with these cute pop-up cards to gift your sister on Christmas. 

Panda Christmas Pop Up Card     

Cute Pop Up Cards to Gift Sister on Christmas 
Panda Christmas Pop Up Card   

The first Christmas gift card you can give your dear sis is a lovely Panda template. It is really impressive with a light pink cover and green background. The card is a sweet model of a black & white panda. He is wearing a Christmas hat, holding a stalk of bamboo and a small present in his hand.    

Pandas symbolize love, optimism, wisdom, determination, kindness, abundance, and positive things in life. Since they are very slow-moving creatures, the panda’s symbolic meaning is also related to peace in the soul. They encourage us to slow down and get out from the bustle and hustle of life.    

This lovely Panda Christmas Pop Up Card will be a meaningful gift for your sisters this special holiday. You can also use it as a great keepsake to place on your desk or bookshelf.  

Wreath Pop Up Card    

Cute Pop Up Cards to Gift Sister on Christmas 2
Wreath Pop Up Card    

The next design is a wonderful Christmas-theme design. It is an outstanding card with a three-dimensional figure of a big candle in the middle of the wreath decorated with beautiful flowers. This piece of art can melt your sister’s heart.      

As you can see, the idea to create the card was inspired by the evergreen-branches wreath. Evergreens symbolize the thorns worn by Christ on the cross, and the tiny red berries stand for his blood. Christians often hang a wreath on their door or window to welcome Jesus to visit their home.      

The Wreath Pop Up Card will be an ideal gift for this year’s Christmas. It can help you send your sincere messages to your dear siblings. They are sure to love this meaningful card from you. 

Christmas Pop Up Card with Christmas Dragonfly     

Cute Pop Up Cards to Gift Sister on Christmas 3
Christmas Pop Up Card with Christmas Dragonfly  

Another template to make this Christmas holiday greater is a Dragonfly pop-out card. This design is incredible with a white background and blue cover. Once the card is opened, it will reveal a simulation of a beautiful yellow-winged dragonfly, perching upon a green wreath.  

As mentioned above, a traditional evergreen-branches wreath is a symbol of Christmas. It also signifies an eternal and never-ending circle of life. On the other hand, Dragonfly is well-known as an emblem of happiness, new beginnings, hope, and change. To the native Americans, this animal also represents swiftness, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.    

The combination of these two images created a creative and amazing paper card with Christmas Dragonfly. Therefore, it is definitely a perfect option to give your sister this special occasion.  

Christmas Pine Tree Pop Up Card    

Cute Pop Up Cards to Gift Sister on Christmas 4
Christmas Pine Tree Pop Up Card    

Last but not least, check out this Christmas pop card with Pine Tree. It is a stunning 3d figure of a big pine tree, which is ornamented with sparkling decorations. Inside the tree, there is also a beautiful gift wrapped in red paper and green ribbon.    

As you may know, the X-mas tree is one of the most important symbols of Christmas. People often place it in the house and decorate the tree with light bulbs and ornaments. The X-mas tree is also believed to be a good protector that can expel the devil.  

The Christmas Pop Up Card with Pine Tree helps you deliver your thoughts and feelings to your dear sisters who always care and love you. 

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