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Choose to Buy Silver Jewelry That Matches Your Skin Color

You will be surprised to learn that, in addition to your preferences and clothing, skin color also plays a key role in choosing jewelry that completes your attractive appearance.

For women, jewelry has long been an indispensable choice to help them complete their style. However, more or less, the selection of small items according to taste and outfit is sometimes not all. Skin color also plays a big part in making you think when standing in front of a certain piece of jewelry, because if you are not skillful, your bracelet, necklace … will accidentally denounce dull skin. color or pale, lack of vitality. Let’s immediately refer to the tips to choose the most appropriate accessories and jewelry, so that they can “resonate” with the outfit to bring a fresh, full of vitality to your skin!blank

How to Choose Jewelry That Matches Skin Color

1. Determination of skin color

The first step here is obviously to determine the exact tone of your skin tone. The way is very simple: You leave your wrist in a place with white light and examine the color of the veins. If your veins are pale blue, you have cold skin tones, and if you see green tones, it is because you have warm skin tone.

2.For warm tone skin

This skin color is always recommended to use jewelry that is above the color palette such as yellow, red or pink. These warm colors will resonate with the skin tone and bring you a sweet and pleasant beauty, especially the golden color. Of course, you can still wear cool colors like white diamonds, just remember to prioritize these colors to get the best results.



3.For cold tone skin

Contrary to warm skin tones, cold skin tones have a choice of jewelry located at the bottom of the color palette such as blue, green or silver. These eye-soothing colors are sure to blend in and bring out your complexion in a surprising way.

After you have shaped the colors that match your skin tone, you continue to rely on skin color to find more specific jewelry colors as follows:


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