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8 Simple And Safe Ways To Soften Your Leather Shoe

8 simple & safe ways to soften your leather shoe

Leather shoes always make men are more elegant and women are stronger. However, it is quite troublesome that new leather shoes are always very hard and difficult to wear. This makes many people let go of their leather shoes like that. Just choose them because you can completely soften leather …

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What Criteria To Choose A Men Leather Bag?

Men genuine leather briefcase 2

Leather bags are an accessory that has become extremely important for guys. Each person has their own standards of beauty. However, there are some general criteria that you can refer to choose beautiful men’s leather briefcase. Made from whole leather A leather plate has thickness depending on the age of …

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Let’s Learn How To Clean White Leather Bags

Men white leather bag

How to clean white leather bags with stain removal will be simpler if you know how. But it is difficult to clean a white leather handbag without damaging the bag, or affecting the quality of the bag. Particularly for the tip of cleaning white men’s handbags, the stains that must …

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How To Convert International Standard Shoes Size

Measure shoe size

Shoes are an important item not just for travel. But also helps protect the feet and beautify the wearer itself, which is an indispensable accessory for both men and women. And to choose the right shoe you need to first understand your foot size. Each foot is suitable for certain shoe size, …

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Ways To Preserve Leather Backpacks You Must Know

Leather backpack

Leather backpack is an intimate item that many girls use when going out or going to work, so how do you make it always new. Let’s explore the secrets of effective preservation together! Real leather has a feature that will look better after a period of use because it looks …

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