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8 Simple And Safe Ways To Soften Your Leather Shoe

Leather shoes always make men are more elegant and women are stronger. However, it is quite troublesome that new leather shoes are always very hard and difficult to wear. This makes many people let go of their leather shoes like that. Just choose them because you can completely soften leather shoes safely and simply with the following 8 ways:

1. Softening leather shoes by regularly cleaning leather shoes

Before using any measure you should pay attention to cleaning leather shoes first. This is essential whether your shoes are new or have been worn for a long time. You can wipe shoes with vinegar to make it easier to remove stains.

2. Softening leather shoes with moisturizer

Using a moisturizer is an instant method of softening leather shoes. You just need to apply a layer of moisturizer to the surface. Your leather shoes will be soft for you to wear immediately. In addition, you should apply both on the heel and the same foot in contact with the shoe.

If you still feel uncomfortable walking, repeat this process for 4-5 days in a row. This is the method recommended by many famous leather shoe brands when softening the skin.

3. Softening leather shoes by wiping with alcohol and vaseline

Alcohol and vaseline are a pair of identical cards to soften new leather shoes. First, you soak alcohol in a soft cotton cloth, rub evenly over the shoe leather. After the alcohol is dry, you apply vaseline to the surface of the shoe, using a clean cotton cloth. In just a few minutes, you will find your leather shoes are softer than before.

Softening leather shoe by Vaseline
Softening leather shoe by Vaseline

4. Softening leather shoes with olive oil

Olive oil is known for its beauty benefits to women. But you can also take advantage of it to soften leather shoes. The way to do it is very simple.

You take a soft towel, pour a few drops of rich olive into the towel. Then gently wipe the surface of the shoe. 10 – 15 minutes later, the skin-softening effect will be evident. In addition to olive oil, coconut oil can also use the same.

5. Softening leather shoes with shoe polish

Leather softening is one of the many uses of shoe polish that few people know about. When using emollients, instead of using a regular brush, use a cotton cloth to rub the polish evenly. It is important that you do not scrub vigorously, pay attention to rub one place so that the coating penetrates the skin.

After a few moments, your shoes will become softer with more glossy color. Every 6 months, you should polish your leather shoes again so that the skin is always soft, not cracked.

Softening leather shoe by shoe polish
Softening leather shoe by shoe polish

6. Softening leather shoes with a hairdryer

A hairdryer with high heat has a speedy effect of softening the skin of your shoes just like drying your hair. You directly dry the leather shoes at high temperature, when you feel soft skin, stop. This is the method that will help you put on new leather shoes right away.

7. Softening leather shoes with a banana peel

Softening leather shoes with a banana peel? I heard that joke is the truth. The banana peel contains acids that both help to remove stains on the skin and soften the skin. After cleaning your shoes, rub the banana peel gently and wipe with a dry cloth. Simply put, you have a shiny, comfortable leather shoe.

8. Softening leather shoes with potatoes

Besides bananas, potatoes are also a natural skin softener. The resin in potatoes has an effective cleansing and restoring effect. In particular, it does not cause skin wear at all.

To do this you need to cut a potato in half, use half of the bulb to polish leather shoes. Every time the potato shows signs of drying out, slice the surface off and continue rubbing. After the potato resin has dried on the shoe, polish it with a shoe polish.

Softening leather shoe by potatoes
Softening leather shoe by potatoes

With just 8 simple steps above you will always soften your leather shoes. Wish you success!

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